We’re a sober and reputable bunch… well some of us are some of the time! The truth is Barracuda Digital is a great place to work and that in no small part means we deliver great work for our clients. Ensuring the right environment exists is critical for ensuring our digital troops are in just the right frame of mind and motivated up to the nines.

So how do we do it? Well it’s a delicate balance between getting the right people on-board; letting them do their thing; ensuring everyone is on the same page where company and client direction is concerned; and then rewarding, encouraging and sharing success. But equally, when things are difficult, we rally round and get the job done… and always to an exacting standard. We’re proud of what we do and who we are.

So how best to sum us up, well we thought it only right to get the whole agency’s input, and below is a viz of which words the folks at Barracuda Digital think best describe the well-oiled machine they form an integral part of. We think all of the words are important to us, even some of the slightly obscure ones! But the larger the word, the more central it is to the fundamentals of Barracuda Digital.