Google Algorithm Update Webinar

Herding Penguins – Free Webinar on Google Updates                                                      Our SEO team at Barracuda Digital is expert in helping our clients navigate through the minefield of near constant Google updates.  You may already know of our algorithm analysis tool Panguin.  In conjunction with our partners at Brightedge we would like to invite you to a webinar on the latest developments in the Google algorithm and how these might affect your SEO activity.  The webinar is on Thursday, January 28th at 3pm and is completely free of charge.To register

Phantom 4 (Google Confirmed Update)From: Sat Jan 09 2016To: Sun Jan 10 2016Google pushed a core ranking algorithm update over the weekend. Given that it is the core algorithm, there are no specifics, but webmasters have seen considerable flux in rankings.At the same time Google confirmed this update, they also announced that Panda has become part of the main algorithm (likely happened in Q4 2015). However, the Panda element is NOT running in real time and was not updated this weekend.Panda becoming part of the main algorithm just means that the Panda data set will be updated more frequently… maybe! In theory, this means there will be more chances for websites to climb

Barracuda are pleased as punch to announce the launch of the Belle France Interactive wine map. This piece of interactive content developed internally by Barracuda that has been designed to generate traffic and has proved effective in generating links from trusted media sources with high levels of domain authority. The content fits Barracuda’s content principles.It’s Evergreen content that can be updated regularly to maximise it’s value from a link building perspective.It’s on Brand and relevant to the host website theme.It’s out-reachable to an active online community who seek this information.It’s best in class. Subjective we know, but we haven’t seen better! 

We are pleased to launch another creative interactive content piece, that is ‘on brand’, appeals to our clients core audience and all importantly, engages the end user. The levels of engagement we’ve seen from Analytics have proved really useful in encouraging bloggers we’ve outreached to, to link, which is great news for the client, as site visibility is going sky high. 

Anyone involved in search can have little doubt as to the impact of changes in devices and user behaviour on search engine marketing.  Barracuda Digital’s Martin Dinham recently spoke to Figaro Digital on the subject, read what he had to say here.

Barracuda launches Interactive Film Map for – Infographics just don’t ‘cut the mustard’ for Link Building any more. The link traction we’ve had from this content piece, has underlined to us that if you want to get links from authoritative sites you need to generate content that the end user can engage with, you need functionality. 

Barracuda Digitals Martin Dinham was recently interviewed by on the issue of the EU’s monopoly investigation into Google.  You can see the article, including Martins comments at

Our presentation is now online – if you would like to see the video of Martin Dinham on The last 10 years of Google, go to the Figaro Digital website at    

  We were proud to talk at yesterdays Figaro Digital Search Seminar in London and thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Barracuda Digitals Martin Dinham spoke about the evolution of Google over the past 10 years and how this has impacted SEO. Our talk was well received and we had some interesting discussions over the course of the afternoon.  You can see Martins slides here;

As we hit the full swing of the festive season, retailers are looking at every angle to increase their competitiveness and differentiate themselves from the competition.  We’ve been published in Digital Marketing Magazine talking about how pimping your product descriptions is a way of doing just this.  Read the article here.