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Anyone involved in search can have little doubt as to the impact of changes in devices and user behaviour on search engine marketing.  Barracuda Digital’s Martin Dinham recently spoke to Figaro Digital on the subject, read what he had to say here.

Barracuda Digitals Martin Dinham was recently interviewed by on the issue of the EU’s monopoly investigation into Google.  You can see the article, including Martins comments at

Our presentation is now online – if you would like to see the video of Martin Dinham on The last 10 years of Google, go to the Figaro Digital website at    

  We were proud to talk at yesterdays Figaro Digital Search Seminar in London and thoroughly enjoyed the event.  Barracuda Digitals Martin Dinham spoke about the evolution of Google over the past 10 years and how this has impacted SEO. Our talk was well received and we had some interesting discussions over the course of the afternoon.  You can see Martins slides here;

As we hit the full swing of the festive season, retailers are looking at every angle to increase their competitiveness and differentiate themselves from the competition.  We’ve been published in Digital Marketing Magazine talking about how pimping your product descriptions is a way of doing just this.  Read the article here.

  Come and Hear Us Speak With Figaro Digital ! Here at Barracuda we’re very pleased that we’ve been invited to speak at the Figaro Digital Search Seminar in London on December 11th. The event, details of which can be seen here brings together experts in search engine marketing from brands and agencies for an afternoon of presentations, knowledge sharing and networking. Barracuda will be represented by Martin Dinham, who will be talking about the evolution of Google over the past decade based on the experience shared by him and the Barracuda team and how this relates to modern day best practice where SEO in particular is concerned, including

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Unless a dramatic increase in the bounce rate occurs, marketers generally don’t worry about these visits since they are considered a natural part of the online shopping process. WHAT IF half of potential customers popped their heads into a real-life shop and left without looking at any products? As the shop owner, you’d want to know why. Many of these visitors have come to your shop with a purpose in mind and money to spend. As an online shopkeeper, you should be paying special attention to these visits. After all, these people have been inspired enough by Google’s descriptions, social platforms or referrals to click-through to your website. However, once

So, it appears that its official – Google have released the latest and long awaited iteration of their Penguin algorithm update, see for further details.    Penguin is designed to reward sites for having “good quality” backlink profiles and to penalise those that, in the eyes of Google, have spammy or irrelevant backlink profiles.  The latest update, tagged as Penguin 3.0 is the first this year and is likely to have webmasters anxiously awaiting any potential change in rankings for their sites that may result. At Barracuda Digital, we designed our “Panguin” tool specifically to enable website owners to track the various Google updates (both “Panda” and Penguin” varieties) and