Panguin 2.0: We beat you to it, Google!

Panguin Tool, version 2.0

Panguin Tool LogoWell as timing goes, we’re currently feeling rather smug over at Barracuda HQ. ‘And why might that be?’ I hear you cry! Permit me to explain…

Google has just released its fourth Penguin update and apparently this time they really mean it! It’s been dubbed internally at Google, and now by the SEO community en masse, as Penguin 2.0. That’s right folks, not just an oil change; it’s a whole new engine! Or in Matt Cutt’s words, “A brand new generation of algorithms” (flick forward to 1:20:00).

As we know, Penguin is Google’s algorithm that fights spam. Spam of a link variety which originates from spurious, low quality websites linking out to sites that are not semantically or thematically similar. Its job is to ensure that links from such places pass little or no value to the receiving website or, in serious cases, pass negative value. Well at least Google have given us a means of clearing up the mess! Check out our post on Google’s Disavow Tool.

As explained by Mr Cutts, Penguin 1.0 assessed website homepages and deemed whether links from those websites (anywhere on those websites) to external sites would pass lots of PageRank, some PageRank, none or negative PageRank. Essentially a website’s credibility in terms of passing PageRank was previously judged on the homepage alone. Captain Cutts has told us that Penguin 2.0 is going to be able to assess a lot deeper than homepage level. In other words, contrary to Scotty’s immortalised assessment, Google do have the power!

So other than the fact we, as a digital agency, are generally interested/obsessed with the Google’s algorithm changes, what special relevance is there for Barracuda with the latest roll-out? Well it just so happens we’ve managed to time the release of Panguin 2.0 with the release of Penguin 2.0! I know, right?!

Just as a recap, Panguin 1.0 enabled users to monitor organic visits from Google against Google’s algorithm updates. Panguin 2.0 has been released with the aim of graphically displaying the impact of algorithm changes on landing pages and keywords. We’ve provided date settings and filters intended to help you understand and communicate visually what (the heck) is going on.

Panguin Tool, version 2.0

Like I said… a bit smug.


  • Stuart

    July 23, 2013


    love the correlations with analytics – make my job identifying issues and evaluating so much easier.

    Thanks for this guys
    Core Aspect Australia

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