Panguin Tool: Google Analytics with Google updates

Dr. Moreau planning to genetically splice a panda with a penguin

So what’s a Panguin?
Have Barracuda Digital diversified from on-line marketing into gene splicing and vivisection? Is this the chronicling of a diabolical experiment Dr. Moreau would be proud of? In a word… no. But what we have created (in conjunction with SEOmoz’s Google Algorithm Change History) is an insightful way to look at your website’s (Google) organic traffic in relation to Google’s algorithm updates. The idea is to quickly identify irregular traffic activity and see if there is a possible correlation with a Google update.

How does it work?
Magic. Elves, Pixies, Google Analytics APIs… that sort of jazz.

Why did we do it?
Here at Barracuda Digital we do a considerable amount of poking around our clients’ Google Analytics data. We do love a good poke. An interesting data set that we use as a jumping-off point is the organic traffic sent from Google searches. Attention is invariably drawn quickest to irregular looking spikes and dips in traffic over time. It’s our job to advise our clients on how to produce upward trends and avoid the dips.

At the points we can see irregular traffic movements; one of the things we check is Google’s Algorithm update history. We’re checking to see if there’s a correlation between an update and irregular traffic movement.

Algo-what? Whatcha talkin bout Willis? Well in short, Google’s algorithms are what make it the master of the on-line universe. It‘s a very complex set of computer programs that allow Google to find (crawl), categorise (index) and rank webpages.

Thing is, in order to keep that process improving, Google has to continually tweak and change its recipe. That can often spell trouble and a drop in rankings for websites who find they’re no longer flavour of the month.

So from an analytical point of view, wouldn’t it be nice if the process of matching SEOmoz’s Google Algorithm Change History with your organic website traffic was made easy? Glad you think so too… that’s why we made our Panguin SEO tool. It does exactly that. Click the link, follow the instructions, enjoy a life made easy.

Why ‘Panguin’?
It seems folks, that The Godfather of the internet has of late developed something of an obsession with black and white animals. Sure… live and let live.

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci

In early 2011, Google unleashed its content-crushing ‘Panda’ update. This bamboo muncher’s on-going mission is to weed out low-quality content across the web and reduce the ranking power of pages and websites containing… well, the weeds… metaphor… moving on.

More recently, Google let loose its spam-spanking ‘Penguin’ update. Mr Penguin’s assignment is to fish-out manipulative on-page keyword usage. That’s right; just used ‘penguin’ and ‘fish-out’ in the same sentence.


In a nod to black and white critters the world over, Barracuda Digital have irreverently spliced together two of Google’s favourite black and white mascots in an effort to form a catchy title for our new and exciting seo tool.

Panda… Penguin… Panguin… yeah, we went there. I’ll defer to Leonardo Da Vinci on this one, ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’. Cheers Leo.

We created a tool. We called it Panguin. It pulls your organic Google traffic from Google Analytics and superimposes Google’s algorithm updates.

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