SEO Take Aways From The Content Marketing Show 2012

Chelsea Blacker (@ChelseaBlacker) spoke about “Evergreen Content: The Art of Recycling Resources” and I would like to reiterate/elaborate some of the things she said for those who weren’t able to attend.

Reusing content can provide quick wins for companies, but where do you find content to reuse? Here are some of the ways that were mentioned plus some of my own examples and SEO tips to go with each of the methods Chelsea mentioned.

Your Employees-Identify the enthusiastic writers in your company

This is a good tactic since your company blog is a way to showcase your passion and expertise.

Updating your blog is also great for getting more pages indexed by search engines and taking advantage of Google’s author rank and the associated authorship Rich Snippet for improved trust and click-through rates.

Rich Snippets are great visual stimuli that encourage people to click through to your website, especially when they appear next to results that are without Rich Snippets.

You’re far more likely to click on the results with images right?


Look At Your History-If your organisation has been around for any length of time, there may well be elements of your history that could make for interesting content.

A great example is the case of Jack Daniel’s Whisky advertising on the London Underground. These are not your typical picture-of-a-glass-of-Whiskey-on-the-Rocks. These are actually carefully selected intriguing elements of the company’s history.

Below is an example using the mystery surrounding the origin of the whiskey type ‘No. 7’:

Photo Credit:

Comb your history books for historic content gems. If your organisation has a rich history, you can create whole content strategies out of this information. At the very least, it should make for an interesting blog post, or a piece of content you can share on Facebook or other social platforms.

Proposals– By writing proposals, audits and documents as part of your organisation’s core work, you are also creating content that could be leveraged for SEO purposes.

The insights your business offers are likely to be unique, so why not leverage this as part of your content strategy? For example, at Barracuda Digital, we’ve conducted competitor analyses for our clients. This are focussed studies on specific industries such as travel or fashion. We could be sharing these industry trends via blog posts or slide decks and create a useful piece of content for readers looking for industry-specific SEO insights.

It is worth reviewing the work your organisation produces to see if there are any insights you can leverage and convey at a general level to show how authoritative your business is, and to help establish you as a thought leader.

Search engines want to index content that is unique and useful to the user. So by leveraging your professional insights it is likely you will achieve ‘unique’ and ‘useful’ without having to devise a whole new content strategy.

Industry Event Calendars-Operating in the industry you do, you probably know which industry events are going on and when. But maybe your target audience want to know as well. Why not pull all the dates into a calendar?

This is a great resource and is a good way of gaining social shares, external links and repeat traffic. If you’re planning to use event calendars as a way of generating links, think about who you want your links from and tailor the calendars to what they are likely to link to. For example, if you are an energy supplier you may know when your discounts will be happening, so create a calendar that might give an indication of when your energy rates will be changing. Perhaps even put in any significant dates like when the government energy debates are going to happen. Give your consumers a reason to share your information; make it helpful.

Events– Take advantage of the expertise at the events you go to.

This was a great shout by Chelsea. I’m often so absorbed by the event itself that I forget it’s a great opportunity to generate content.

You can be going to an event in two ways; either you’re exhibiting or you are going as a delegate/attendee.

Here are some exhibitor content ideas:

Do A Diary Of The Day-let your readers know that you are human too and it’s a chance to publicise that you were there and may well be at the event next year.

Top Questions Asked On The Day-maybe some of your target customers were too shy/didn’t have time to ask you everything on their mind. Publish some content that addresses these questions that came from more forthcoming attendees.

Since people usually type in long-tail queries hoping for the answer to appear in the SERPs, if you have content that addresses these frequently asked questions on the website you stand a good chance of appearing.

Here are some delegate/attendee content ideas:

Conduct Informal Interviews- You don’t always have to speak to one of the presenters. There are usually lots of experts in the room with expertise in various fields. Here are some example questions to have answered or to answer yourself if you’re doing a write up:

What are the current trends you see?

What are the top tips/key takeaways that came out of the event?

What are the opinions that stood out to you and do you agree/disagree? (which is what this blog post is!)

Cheeky tip: You can take videos on your smartphone/camcorder instead of taking notes and then make a video out of the footage. If you’re uploading a video to the site try to submit a transcript of the video so that the search engines are clear what the video is about. Search engines can’t understand what is being said in the video and submitting a transcript will help crawlers to ‘read’ it.

Take Lots of Pictures– This works really well if you’re going to a show that has a design element to it like London Fashion Week or The Chelsea Flower Show. Pictures are worth a thousand words to a reader but for search engines, make sure you mark them up with search-friendly Alt tags and file names.

I’ve rambled on a bit so had better wrap things up for now, but to read more on Chelsea’s insights, check them out here.

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