Fact: Mobiles are not PCs

Seems obvious doesn’t it? But it’s often overlooked. The plain truth is that we use our mobile phones differently to the way we use computers. And that means we’ll respond to different kinds of marketing, in a different way.

It starts with your Website

Have you tried looking at your website on your mobile? It might look OK – just very minature. But at the end of the day, your website has been designed to be looked at by a screen at least 15 inches wide, not 2. Although smartphones make a good stab at browsing normal websites, they’re much more suited to mobile optimised sites. We can design you a mobile optimised website.

Mobile Website or App?

iPhone, iPad, Andriod and Ovi: App development has exploded over the past 3 years. But Apps aren’t right for everyone – so what suits you best? A mobile optimised website with simple, lite content, bigger buttons and a click-to-call button. Or do you need an App, designed to give your users streamlined content 24/7.

Marketing to Mobiles

With a mobile in your hand, you’re open to different types of messages than you are with your PC. Search for ‘italian restaurant in soho from laptop, and you might be planning a day out in London. But the same search from a mobile means that you’re probably in soho right now – and want to eat Italian. A timely search ad – with a offer based call to action – will mean that you can fill your tables right now.

Measuring mobile

The key to understand what – and how – to communicate with mobile users, is understanding how many of them you are already reaching. We use the latest visitor segmentation technology to make sure which of your visitors are from mobile, and how to give them the right message.

Creating a buzz for your App

You’ve invested in your app. But how do you boost visitors and downloads? We use search, ratings, A/B testing and icon design to make sure that your App is downloaded – and used – by the widest possible audience.

Want to know more?

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