Headline needs to change to ‘Paid Search

Barracuda is the longest established qualified Google Beta Partner in Europe, which means our clients benefit from a breadth of experience that is unrivalled in the search industry.
Barracuda are Google Partners, and as such gain access to Beta’s and Google products ahead of the crowds. Our clients benefit from first mover advantage and low cost new media markets generating relevant traffic.
Lots of PPC agencies talk about Return on Investment. Barracuda Digital is a Search Engine marketing company with a proven track record in delivering huge sales growth for our clients. You might expect us to say that; but you’re welcome to hear it from them. It all happens because we take an extensive approach to pay per click search.
Keyword Research

A successful campaign starts with the right keyword list. Barracuda Digital uses a variety of the latest tools to find the keywords people use that will bring buyers to your website. We create a highly relevant and extremely extensive keyword list, and then build that list out to use all keyword combinations.

Campaign Segmentation

Campaign structure and segmenting is how you turn a diverse keyword list into something that searchers will respond to. We want to make sure that the right product searches go to the right place on your site; and when people search for apples they don’t see your advertisement for strawberries. This is where you’ll gain the Quality Scores you need to out-perform other advertisers.

Write Compelling creative

You might think that 95 characters doesn’t leave you much room to experiment. But it’s amazing what a difference the right advertisement can make. We’ve got extensive data that shows how and why people respond to some ads and not others. Its not just about clicks – if your visitors don’t end up buying, it might be because the advertisement has promised too much. So it’s about finding the right balance.

Tracking set up

We want to know which keywords lead to sales, and which don’t. We want to know how often people come back to your site, how long they spend there, what time of day they like to search and buy. Our tracking platform lets us know all about the ‘click journey’ – how your users found your website, even if they found it in 3, 4 or 10 different ways. And then once they get onto your website, we want to know what they like looking at and what they don’t.

Lets go

Keywords – check; Segments – check; creatives – check; tracking – check. Lets go! We can launch the campaign and put our feet up – right? Nope. The first chapter may have been written but there’s still the rest of the book to get on with. We’ll now have live data about how people are responding to your keywords, creatives and website. We need to use that data to make decisions about how to do it all better. We’ve got to start measuring what works and excluding what doesn’t. We want to see, daily, weekly and monthly improvement in what we can get from every campaign.

That’s how and why we give our clients the Return on Investment they’re looking for.