A history

Online Display advertising has had a bumpy ride. Back in the 90s, websites followed a formula learned from magazines and newspapers, and sold 468 x 60 banners at extortionate cost. It didn’t take long for advertisers to work out that they weren’t getting much back from their investment, and the ad rates plummeted. The last 10 years has seen the launch of whole new range of Display advertising techniques. Having worked with Google on their professional Exam beta, Barracuda Digital are highly able to turn these Display mechanisms into a pillar of your advertising campaign.


The online advertiser has some great targeting options. From keyword targeting to interest based and behavioural targeting, onto site, category and network targeting, there is a huge level of control about who sees your ad and where they see it. There’s remarketing too, a development that has revolutionised display advertising.


It’s all very well reaching the right audience, but your creative needs to raise their interest, encourage them to respond, and be memorable too. We can help craft the right message with the right graphics to excite your customers and incite them to click.


Online advertising needs tight measurement. We work out who sees your ad, who else clicks on it, and then the pages and products they look at on your site. We work out how your display campaigns fit in the customer journey from initial awareness to final sale, and whether your display campaigns cause a spike in search traffic too. We bring all this data together to calculate the true return on investment from your display campaigns.

Paying for it

Online advertising gets charged lots of different ways. From CPC to CPM, from CPA, CPO to eCPM website owners are yet to decide on a single common measure. Whatever the cost, we turn all the numbers into easy-to-understand metric to help you understand what you get back for your investment.