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Search engines are the biggest single source of visitors for almost every website. Getting to the top of Google can make the difference between business success or failure.


Our SEO approach

Barracuda Digital’s SEO approach is about developing a tailored strategy based on the search intent and behaviours of your customers combined with a detailed understanding of the competitive nature of your vertical market.

We underpin our approach by providing transparent reporting, realistic traffic and revenue forecasts and educational support to guide you through the process and deliver meaningful results which will impact your business goals.

Successful SEO is not an isolated skill, it combines a blend of competencies including long term integrated thinking, technical skill, competitive analysis and content outreach.

Our approach is rooted in 4 fundamental practices:

    1. Technical foundations- It is very important to lay strong technical foundations of your website so that it is fit for purpose and the most effective it can be to deliver the best results for future marketing activity. Barracuda’s scope experience supports laying the technical foundations for auditing huge websites hosted across multiple locations to more small niche website.


    1. Realistic projections- The magnitude of categories and potentially targetable search phrases requires in-depth keyword research and translation of the associated data, such as searches per month and PPC cost-per-click, into a prioritised and relevant set of target search phrases. We use our own keyword research combined with our own projections tool to agree realistic traffic and growth targets.


    1. Content marketing- We execute a content marketing to plan create relevant and meaningful content within the vertical market you operate, collaborating with key influencers, harnessing customer sentiment and gaining your websites authority in the eyes of Google.


  1. Tracking & Client Management- We provide transparent, meaningful, tracking combined with regular client contact to reassure you that your business objectives are being considered every day.


Want to know more about SEO?

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