Whether it’s the written word, video or graphics, content marketing is about publishing engaging content – whether on your website or off it – in order to create and sustain a long term relationship with potential customers.

Content marketing is about devising a strategy to deliver relevant content that engages target consumers in order to achieve your marketing goals.

Why is content so important?

A Robust Content Plan Is Fundamental To An Effective SEO Strategy

Regular Onsite Content- Search engines like Google highly value those websites which provide users with frequently updated unique content and rewards those websites with potentially higher positions in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) than competitors that don’t.

Compelling on-site content will also attract more people to link to you and boost your Domain Authority. Domain Authority and links are essential ingredients for high organic rankings.

Engaging Off-Site Content- Having unique content in places other than your own website and adding contextual links in the content is a great way to link back to your domain directly. If your content is not compelling you won’t get published and that means no links.

A Content Plan Increases Customer Engagement

Today’s consumers are bombarded with information and those brands that don’t provide good content won’t stand out and won’t be remembered.

Providing your customers with engaging content is a really good way of attracting customers to spend time reading and interacting with your branded content.

Great content builds trust in your brand over a competitor who is silent.

So how does the process work?

So you’ve decided that you want to use a content strategy to improve online engagement for your brand, now what?

Using content to market yourself can be tricky. What sort of content do you create? Where does it go? What is the ROI of my content strategy?

Whether you need help devising a strategy, creating or distributing content, we can help.

Barracuda Digital has experience increasing online engagement for businesses from a variety of industries and can do the same for your business. Our team consists of creative types, technical types and business strategist types to ensure our clients get a cross-discipline content strategy.

What types of content can we create?

TextWe can help you to create text content for your own website or create content for your target offsite communities.

Whether you need us to write a press release that is SEO-friendly, or engaging articles for your company blog, we can apply our digital marketing content expertise to support your content strategy.

Video Not all your customers like their information in text form and so producing creative videos may be the best way to engage your target audience. On top of that, why not increase the external channels (like YouTube) you can distribute to and get more exposure for your branded content?

Microsites If you are looking become a hub of information, but have no place to do this on your current website, creating a separate website for your customers to visit is something to consider. Imagine your microsite being the place that your target customers can turn to for information time after time…

Visual contentInfographics are all the rage right now, but you are not limited to creating infographics. We can create images, banners, slide shows and data visualisations.

Distributing your content

If you need more online publicity and engagement for your content, we can help you to distribute your content.

Our team can help you to conduct an in-depth analysis of your business and develop a tailor-made content distribution strategy.

We can help you to understand:

  • What channels are most suitable for your brand
  • What type of content is the most engaging for your target customers
  • Where to put your content so that it gets the maximum number of eyeballs
Monitoring the performance of your content and ROI

There is little sense in creating and distributing content if it doesn’t get you more business.

Barracuda Digital has all the necessary tools to monitor and report your content performance and engagement to ensure you are getting a good return on investment on your content strategy.

Want to know more about content marketing?

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