Onsite SEO Done Right

Every SEO program starts with a website. Get it right here, and you’re building a solid foundation for the future.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the very first step for any successful SEO Strategy.

It starts by uncovering how people are searching for your products and services. Once we have understood your customers’ behaviour, we then concentrate on delivering the best coverage for the most valuable keywords for your business, the ones that will deliver relevant traffic and sales growth.

On-site analysis

Want to know why your website isn’t performing in the search rankings? For each of our clients we produce an audit of their website detailing changes to be made to code and content. Copywriting Analysis, Header and Tags Analysis and Keyword placement, we actually cover more than 30 different SEO criteria and report them in an easy to understand and self explanatory document.

Implementing changes

We then help clients implement these changes, liaising with your technical department or webmaster, and ensuring processes are in place to prevent future problems.

Monitoring and Reporting

The last step to any successful SEO campaign is to track and monitor results. That’s why we send all our clients weekly or monthly reports that give them valuable insight and clearly show the progress of their campaigns, including rankings per keyword, inbound links and natural search traffic levels, among other essential data.