Social Media Marketing. Redefined

Twitter. Facebook. Myspace. Digg. Stumbleupon. Furl. Sphinn. Blogging. These are all words that companies know should be used in marketing meetings. But what exactly is Social Media? And how can you bring the benefits of social media marketing to your company?

Social Media Marketing is all about interacting with your customers in a new way. Rather than the ‘from me, to you’ style of traditional customer communication, social media is ‘from me, to you, back to me, to them, to us’. The direction of information flow has changed from company to customer; it can also include customer to company; or customer to customer.


Make it work for you

Get it right and social media marketing can deliver that marketing holy grail of customer to customer recommendation. You can create a buzz that gets customers and others talking about your business. And if they’re talking, then they’re buying too.

Get it wrong and bad news about you and your company can quickly spread across social media.



Barracuda Digital has a strong track record in social media optimization, helping businesses utilise social media to strengthen the relationship between themselves and their customers. From small consultancies with just a few high value clients; to large consumer facing businesses with thousands of active customers, we’ve demonstrated how social media is an essential channel for every business to exploit.



We can help you create and run an interesting and engaging blog, forming the bedrock of any social media campaign.


Twitter, Facebook, YouTube: Total customisation

We can help you set up Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and other social media networking sites. We can show you how to efficiently add content to those pages so that it doesn’t take up all your time. We can transform your social media pages to become exciting and engaging places for your customers to interact. Read more about Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Social Media Distribution

We can show you how to distribute your social media content effectively across the web. From social bookmarking to editorial links, we can help to ensure that your social media content is highly visible.


It’s about Search Engine Optimisation too

Social Media can be a powerful way to generate huge numbers of inbound links to your website. This means that your social media campaign should run hand in hand with the link building portion of your SEO program.

To find out how we can help your business utilise social media to strengthen customer relationships; get your customers talking about and recommending you; and reaching out to new customers, get in touch now.


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