It’s where people hang out

Facebook is now the single biggest online destination. Internet users spend more time on Facebook than any other website. And the key to reaching out to those people is a Facebook Page.

We Build compelling Facebook Pages

Anyone can set up a Facebook Page in just a few clicks. It’s harder to make that page interesting and engaging. Barracuda Digital use iframes to create exciting Facebook pages. We customize the landing and branding to give your Facebook page the right look and feel. And we add applications like surveys, polls, games and video to make sure it a rich experience, and reflects your website.

To help you have a conversation with your customers

Your Facebook page helps you interact with your customers in the place they choose to hang out. We help promote your page using the Facebook Open Graph, bring social ‘likes’ to your website. We help you integrate Facebook Faces with your website, so your customers know that they can find you and interact with you on social media.

And find new ones virally

A Facebook page helps you reach new customers too. By adding great content to your page, we encourage your followers to ‘share’ your brand with others in their social network. This online recommendation is the golden key to an effective social media campaign.

And through Facebook Ads too

We set up highly segmented performance related advertising campaigns on Facebook. We target specific niches, and drive visitors to Facebook Pages and to traditional websites.

We Measure What Happens

You need to measure – and be paid back – for the effort you put into Facebook. We give you insight into the number of people engaging with you, how they engage, and whether your presence is being shared onwards. And we let you know what that’s doing for the bottom line.