Twitter – 50 million and growing

It may only have been round for a couple of years, but Twitter use is exploding. Favoured by an older, more literate and liberal ‘twitterati’, Twitter is an easy channel for any business to start using.

We set you up on Twitter

We can set up your Twitter Account, helping you make the right choices from day 1. From designing the right background, to choosing the right username, and building an initial follower list, we help build solid foundations for your Twitter profile.

And set the rules of engagement

‘I don’t know what to Tweet about’ is a common concern. We help define your Twitter policy by answering questions like:

  • *What shall I say?
  • *What websites should I link to?
  • *Can I use Twitter for sales?
  • *Can I use Twitter for support?
  • *How should I respond to @messages
  • *How can I deal with a complainer?

Getting your Twitter policy correct from the start saves time, keeps consistency, and lets your followers know what to expect.

To turn you into a ‘Twinfluencer’

It’s all very well having plenty of followers. But the key to Twitter success is to be someone who people take notice, interact with, and follow the links of. With our help your Twitter profile will grow into a respected useful authority.

And measure your success

Twitter may be free to launch, but it takes time – and therefore money – from your budget. And like any other marketing channel, it has to pay its way. We help evaluate what Twitter use does for your business, by measuring your influence, traffic and ultimately sales.