YouTube – your own TV Channel

It’s impossible to underestimate the impact of YouTube on Internet and TV consumption. As a search engine it would be the world’s second largest. And as a TV channel it would outrank them all. With 2 billion hours of video content, it’s no wonder that YouTube is crucial to a successful web marketing campaign.

We create Enhanced YouTube Channels

Our design team can build a customised YouTube Channel for your business. These are completely bespoke, reflecting your brand and impressing your visitors. They are an exciting environment to showcase products, offer support tutorials, or form the hub of a web video viral marketing campaign.

And drive traffic to them

We use a wide variety of campaigns to drive traffic to your Channel. From promoted videos in the search results, to pre and post roll; video and text overlays; and accompaniment ads against premium content from we work out the most cost effective way to get people to consume your content.

And integrate with your Website & Facebook

We help integrate your YouTube channel with your website and with Facebook, ensuring that your current customers – and new ones too – become aware of what you’re up to.

Measuring what happens

We use the latest insight tools to work out who looks at your channel and your videos, the content they like and what turns them off. We measure how – and to whom – they share your stuff. And then tie that in to the effect on the bottom line.