Correlates - a crypto currency tool by Barracuda Digital

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Crypto currency prices taken from?

Our source for this data is we use there close time daily as the price point we pull into Correlates.

What is a Search Volume Index?

A search volume index is a comparative measure of search volumes. It is not an actual measure of search volumes. The search volume index will always be out of 100 and therefore will change over time. Search Volume Index, is a good way to monitor upward and downward trends in the volume of users who are searching, using a particular keyword.

Is the search volume Index a measure of users who are searching for the ‘Currency name’ (ie ‘Bitcoin’)?

No. We attempt to give a relative measure for wherever the term is used. For example, if the term ‘bitcoin’ is used alone or as part of a longer string of search terms this will be included within the search volume Index. To clarify, the search volume index is likely to include searches for ‘Sell bitcoin’, ‘buy bitcoin’, ‘bitcoin information’, ‘bitcoin wallet’ etc, etc. Therefore the search volume index is a general measure of interest on search across all bitcoin related searches.

This does have implications for how you interpret the data, and you should consider this when viewing the correlations in search volumes and market prices.

Which region does the Search Volume Index cover?

The Search Volume data is a worldwide measure of search volume. It is likely that there are regional variations in search terms, spikes may be caused from one or many regions.

How reliable is the search volume data?

We want to provide you with the most reliable data possible, but we can not give you a guarantee. The most recent ‘unconfirmed’ data reflects recent trends but the actual figure is often revised.
Longer term trends and patterns are more reliable than short term trends.

Should I make investment decisions based on the data provided?

No. The data is provided for information purposes. You may want to be alerted when there are shifts in search volume or market price and we hope you find this useful.