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Hotpoint Parts

Hotpoint Parts

The Business

The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company is an American and European brand of domestic appliances.

The Objective

With an increasingly successful organic search campaign underway for the Hotpoint Service website in 2018, Barracuda were tasked by Hotpoint with doing the same for the Parts subdomain of the main Hotpoint domain.

The Strategy

With over 30,000 pages sitting on the website, Barracuda once again set to task taking a data-led ‘user first’ approach, setting keyword ranking priorities that ensured maximum organic traffic and optimimum landing page experience for users of the website.

The Bottom Line

From the time of brief to the close of 2019 Barracuda generated a 105% increase in organic visibility according to Search Metrics research data:

Over the course of 2019 Barracuda delivered for parts what it had previously done for repairs, with YoY performance results recorded as follows:

+ 42% increase in organic search sessions
– 23% reduction to organic bounce rate

+ 83% increase in organic transaction volume (a 29% improvement in conversion rate)
+ 326% increase in revenue from organic acquisitions!