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Hotpoint Service

Hotpoint Service

The Business

The Hotpoint Electric Heating Company is an American and European brand of domestic appliances.

The Objective

At the end of 2017 Hotpoint Service tasked Barracuda with increasing visibility across generic search terms as part of a domain migration and on-going SEO partnership.

The Strategy

Barracuda provided a data-led content & migration strategy – with ongoing support being provided in the form of technical expertise as well as off-site authority building exercises conducted over the calendar year post-migration (domain launch April 2018).

The Bottom Line

Barracuda Digital increased Hotpoint’s market share across 144 ‘non-brand’ generic keywords (with a combined monthly search volume of 430,887) by 2100% over the course of the year post domain-migration (from 0.5% to 11%), using Search Metrics to track progress.

This includes a 1855% market share improvement across 25 ‘high-priority’ generic keywords from 1.1% to 21.5%).

Those familiar with search metrics will know that Google position #1 for all 25 keywords would equate to a market share of 30% (with 100% market share attainable if ranking positions 1-10 across all 25 keywords)!


Hotpoint Service