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Start-Up Paid Search

Start-Up Paid Search

The Business

Staff Heroes Limited launched their on-demand web and mobile temporary staffing platform in April 2016. The platform is designed to enable businesses to find pre-vetted, temporary, staff… fast. The platform benefits employee and employee as they can find staff or work flexibly according to their needs.

The Objectives

Our primary objective in phase 1 for the business was to get businesses to register with the It was essential that demand for temporary staff was created in order to generate a revenue stream for the business.

“Barracuda have helped us grow our pipeline of new business, and they continue to look for cost effective marketing opportunities.”
Laurent Gibb Laurent Gibb Staff Heroes

The Challenge

Staff Heroes is a start up business with angel investors who were looking to generate revenue within an established market.

They were launching into a highly competitive search market with a heavily bid ad market. Competition is strong and the margins for temporary staff are lower than full time employees and therefore it was essential to target precisely to ensure click through rates and registration rates were high.

Barracuda were tasked with generating business registrations from businesses that had a genuine requirement for temporary staff. In addition, the test budget was small. Barracuda had to prove that a pipeline for the demand side of the business could be created cost effectively.

The client understood that the search channel was likely to be the primary source for business registrations as they were able to supply a staffing solution at the point of need online. However, the client had tested the search channel and they were not getting the results they needed.

The search landscape did not lend itself to specifically targeting businesses as the high traffic generic terms were used by both, employers and employees.

The Solution

  • Concentrate initially on the search channel using paid search to generate conversions quickly.
  • Establish ‘employer’ focused ads that were targeted towards vertical sectors that were likely to have an immediate need for the platform.
  • Establish lead tracking across the site using Google Analytics as a low cost and reliable solution to enable us to measure and report success.
  • Create relevant landing pages for each vertical sector that we were targeting to ensure landing page relevancy was high and that user experience was good, leading to high levels of conversion.
  • Geo-target the campaign to ensure where there was an overlap in use-age by employer and employee site visitors, that both were within a commutable distance from each other.

The Results

The campaigns have been a spectacular success. The business has recently won a major contract from a top 3 worldwide hotel group which arose via the paid search channel.


Targeted campaigns improved conversion rate


Business registrations up

Search Ads click through rate up 482%

Cost per click reduced by 10% whilst conversions remain high.

Cost per Lead has reduced by 83%