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The Business


Team Tactics, have been providing team building and corporate hospitality for over 20 years. They operate UK-wide, but pay special attention to London. However, as much as they have a well-established name in the industry, their transition to on-line had not born as much business as was anticipated or needed. Team Tactics provide a personal service that is second-to-none, are customer-focused and highly experienced. They’re also great fun to work with and willing to innovate and try new things with their digital marketing, so we like them a lot! It’s been a privilege to help them along the road to digital success, with a full SEO campaign, involving on-site and extensive off-site efforts, not least in the direction of story-led PR. We’re really looking forward to pushing them even harder moving forward, and so are they.

The Objectives

Business: increase event enquiries and bookings. SEO: improve organic search performance across their core team building search vertical

“The [Barracuda] guys have been brilliant. They've helped us really push on in terms of sales, to a point I didn't think we'd reach in the time we have. On top of that they've been very transparent with what they've been up to, and have been great at explaining the process in a way that's been easy to understand.”
Tina Benson Owner and MD, Team Tactics Team Tactics

ARTrageous Graffiti Workshop

The Challenge

Given the size of the business, budgets started off small. We had to prove our worth and build confidence to secure further investment. So as not to waste the limited budget, we required a very measured approach in targeting the right areas. And, of course, there was a hugely important expectation-management piece required in getting Tina (the MD of Team Tactics) on-board with the fact her initial budget would not be a silver bullet, but would be enough to give ‘proof of concept.’ After careful consideration, we decided to go after the corporate Christmas audience by running a campaign to promote Team Tactics’ corporate Christmas parties and events. It would hopefully give us enough time ahead of the seasonal spike in interest to move the needle enough to boost sales. Needless to say, this worked extremely well and we secured further investment for February 2017 onwards. From there, it was all about widening the campaign to target their major search terms and bring in a second seasonal campaign for Summer parties and events.


Having built confidence with Tina, we then talked about how to gain exponential increases in authority-building traction via the use of story-led PR. The aim was to reach a much wider audience than would be typically available to Team Tactics, in their B2B environment. That persuasion translated into two PR campaigns, the first in April 2017, and the second in August 2017. The first piece ran in April and was entitled ‘Future London’ (What London could look like in 100 years’ time). The idea was to gain coverage for Team Tactics’ new ‘Game of Zones’ event (which has a ‘Futuristic Zone’) Piece number two and cue President Trump. In August, we created a campaign called ‘Search for Trump.’ The aim was to increase exposure for Team Tactics’ ‘treasure hunts’ offering. Both pieces were designed to drive authority and exposure for the events in question, and for the wider website. Press coverage highlights for ‘Search for Trump’:

The Solution

  • Gain quick wins for Christmas parties and events terms as very time sensitive.
  • Longer-term strategy to improve performance for key ‘team building’ terms
  • Implement PR campaigns (for authority building) around particular events that Team Tactics wished to promote.

For Christmas and Summer campaigns, we aimed to gain coverage on external websites to the relevant landing pages, via direct outreach to business and events websites. In practice, we leveraged Team Tactics’ industry expertise to gain features in articles related to party-planning and staff improvement. We also optimised on-page elements and site structure (content and page structure combined with internal linking structure) to gain maximum value from authority-building efforts. From January 2017 onwards, we commenced authority building via outreach for ‘team building’ landing pages, especially content relating to team building events based in London. We targeted specific event pages depending on the Team Tactics event calendar and demand at the time. The main focus for Spring/Summer 2017 was their treasure hunts in London. Improving general on-site content and pushing on-site recommendations across the website, including increasing the amount of quality content on the blog, has been on-going and remains so.

The Results

The business has seen rapid growth with 44% increase in event enquiries and 68% increase in event bookings across the past year, compared to the previous year. In Summer 2017, Team Tactics saw the number of event bookings almost double in June and July 2017.

The website has become an organic search market leader across their priority search term group, almost doubling their search market share and dislodging long-established market leaders.

Team Tactics rely heavily on organic search, which we have radically improved. Our efforts have enabled the business to massively increase bookings and revenue, overtaking much larger and better-funded events companies.

With a relatively small budget, we have pushed Team Tactics to overtake strong and well-established market players, with a smart, efficient, ROI-driven SEO campaign.

As a result, Team Tactics are currently seeking a larger office space to accommodate their search-driven growth.