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Digital PR & Outreach

Why use us for digital PR & outreach?

  • PR Specialists – PR first, applied to digital, not link builders who have learnt PR. Take it from us, this is the better way around.
  • Quality assessment – Rigorous process for assessing websites for authority building.
  • Performance & objectives – Authority building is always tied back to performance and achieving objectives.

Services we offer

  • High-level digital PR
  • Blogger outreach
  • Content Strategy
  • Consultancy
  • Reporting
  • Training

What is digital PR & outreach?

Coverage on third party websites. Really, that’s it.

Regardless of how Google adds to and changes its increasingly complex sets of algorithms for calculating where and how it should rank webpages, at its core is still PageRank. Not the browser toolbar plug-in, actual PageRank, invented by Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders) back in the 90s.

PageRank is still at the core of how Google calculates website rankings, and PageRank relies on websites talking about each other. Having third party websites talk to their audiences about you, count as votes of confidence in what you are doing, what you are about and what you are publishing on-line.

Without that external ‘coverage’ you will not rank for your key terms, regardless of how well optimised your website is from a technical point of view, and regardless of how good your content may be. Without authority, you’re dead in the water.

So how do we go about building authority? Answer; we produce great content that tells your story, and outreach it. Simple. Well sort of.

Back in yesteryear, there were a lot of shady practices going on in this area of SEO. With the advent of algorithmic solutions (from Google) like ‘Penguin’ (an automatic quality filter that Google applies to links coming from spurious websites) we have seen the effectiveness of these practices reduce to a level where it is no longer profitable to carry them out. In its place, we now have more of what Google originally intended; quality content that is covered externally by third party websites because it is high quality, relevant and so on. Hmmm…

However, this utopian scenario is not exactly how it plays out. In reality there is a huge amount of content splurged on to the internet on a daily basis. The idea that your quality content will be magically found in among all the noise by relevant websites who will diligently and editorially cover what you are doing, out of the goodness in their hearts, is a little naive.

To generate attention and authority, content needs to be both relevant to your target market and resonant to a broader ‘content’ audience. It needs to be crafted in a way that is ‘sticky’, and it then needs to be marketed out in a way that ensures coverage. This is what we do for our clients.

Campaign length

The rate of improvement (in terms of increased search engine rankings and organic traffic) depends on:

  • The quality of websites that choose to tell their audience about you
  • The rate of increase in websites talking about you compared to your competitors
  • Your existing level of authority compared to competitors

During the consultation period at the start of the campaign, we will scope out the appropriate level of activity that we believe will deliver you the results you are after. This is where budget comes in to play. Quite simply, more budget equates to reaching a wider audience with richer ‘story collateral.’

Some of the places we’ve recently earned coverage for our clients:

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