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Cloud-based Secure and Reliable Server Solutions

Your own dedicated space in the cloud, that scales according to site demand


Our cloud servers are configured to provide levels of performance, security and control similar to those of a dedicated server. But instead of being hosted on physical hardware that's solely dedicated to you, they reside on a shared "virtualised" environment that's managed by Barracuda.

Expert Account Management - Your own Digital Concierge.

We can save you time and money by acting as more than just your web hosting account managers.


We'll provide you with a point of contact, someone to email or call on the phone if you prefer. Someone who understands your needs and your timescales. Yes, we keep records of every conversation as standard, but you won't be required to repeat the story from the beginning to someone new every time you call. We like getting stuff done and we like exceeding our clients expectations.

Free Services & Site Migration that save you time & money.

Don't incur additional development costs for Migration.


We'll migrate your site from your existing hosting to ours. Sit back, no need to contact anyone else, we can do it all for you. We'll migrate the site onto our servers and then we'll let you know when it's done, seamlessly, no down time.

Everything you'll ever need. Service Included
£150 / month.

Managed Hosting for Wordpress,
Fast. Reliable. Secure. Managed.

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Firewall, Anti-Virus & Anti-spam Protection

Comes as standard.

Sleep tight, knowing that we provide full protection. Our firewall, anti-virus and anti-spam server security stops threats before they enter the server.


Choose your server's location.

Google have stated that your server location does not influence your rankings, but you'd be right to expect a search marketing business to keep this in mind when offering Managed web hosting.

Keeping your site close to your target audience as well as close to the global communications backbone can ensure the site speed for your user remains fast. Choose from any of the following locations to maintain your edge. :

United Kingdom
United States


We work 24/7 to keep you online.

We will work around the clock to keep your site safe.

We want to make your life easier. We will always get back to you quickly when you need help or have a question. We guarantee a response time, but we'll always aim to over deliver. We aim to get back to you in minutes, not hours.


DNS Control & Support if you want it.

We wont leave you all alone to sort out the technical bits.

Changing complex DNS settings can feel like a pretty hefty responsibility sometimes. Clicking that 'submit' button can be daunting when you are not experienced in it and you know your websites functionality depends on every dotted i and crossed t being perfect. We're here to help. We can help shoulder the responsibility and talk you through the changes, or we can manage the whole process for you. It's up to you.


Free SSL certificates.

Don't lag behind your competitors. Get SSL for free.

We'll provide and install an open source SSL certificate, (arguably the best form of SSL out there) for free.


Managed Software & Plugin Updates

Future proofing comes as standard to keep your dev costs low.

We'll keep your site updated on the latest OS versions of wordpress and we'll always use the latest fully tested plugins to ensure your site is fully compliant with the latest directives.


Digital Concierge Services

Reporting, consultancy & advice is all included

Putting your hosting with Barracuda will give you access to a broader team of digital experts who are experts in development, marketing, data reporting and even video. If you've got a question we are here to help.


Dual Backup for full Disaster Recovery

One back up of your main site is good, two back ups is best.

Our cloud based hosting solution will duplicate your site daily. We simultaneously back up your site on a completely different server architecture provided by Amazon (AWS3) If disaster did ever strike in one location, you can feel secure, knowing that your site is backed up in a completely different location.


Here's the science bit

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