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YouTube SEO

Why use us for YouTube SEO?

  • YouTube channel development – creation of a new traffic source for your business that you own & control.
  • Increased Brand presence & Awareness – Across the fastest growing video medium.
  • Broaden your owned content – increase online engagement with your brand and give users reasons to buy.

Services we offer

  • YouTube Channel Setup
  • YouTube Advanced Channel Management
  • Content Consultancy
  • Content Creation
  • Content Curation

What is channel management?

YouTube ‘channels’ are the mechanism by which you can effectively manage your YouTube content to build a subscriber following and engage with your customer base. A well managed YouTube channel can broaden your reach and showcase your products and services to a new customer base, as well as encouraging existing customers to re-visit and buy. Barracuda are experienced in building and integrating channels into our clients marketing mix to drive both awareness and sales. YouTube is not just about cats… …showcasing products or introducing your brand with a ‘How to’ is now accounting for an ever increasing volume of video content and views on YouTube. Barracuda can setup and manage YouTube channels or take-over existing client channels to improve performance. We’ll dig the data to find the content model that helps you broaden your reach and drive traffic to your website. We take these learnings and regularly update and expand your content into a useable resource which enables you to reach new customers and encourage users to visit your website and buy your products or services.

What we can deliver

Proving the relationship between your video channel and your website sales is the priority. Barracuda will create a Schedule of Work that will enable you to reach your awareness and sales goals.

Campaign length

The good news is, with a relatively small monthly investment increasing your presence on YouTube is proven to deliver results. There’s no getting away from it though… It does take time! At Barracuda we’ll work with you to analyse the competition and produce a schedule of work that will help you hit your KPI’s. We’ll create bespoke reports so you can monitor the up-lift over time, and we’ll add the creative flair you need to get views and sales.

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