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Why use us for Display?

  • Experienced in purchasing Display campaigns at the best price for our clients.
  • Access to all Display management platforms and tools.
  • Results Oriented Campaign Setup & Management.
  • Transparent reporting that enables you to measure value and communicate this to the rest of the business.

What is Display?

Display ads are the part of your paid media campaign that can be set up and managed to deliver against your awareness, or purchase orientated business goals. Display can be used effectively to generate new traffic to your website or re-market to existing users and increase conversion rates.

Display ads are published on websites or within apps and depending upon the targeting, will appear against relevant content, as well as, an audience who we know are interested in your products or services. The mechanism for ad delivery is usually an auction based pricing model coupled with an algorithm focused on ‘the bid’ and the ‘click through rate’ (CTR) which we manage to get your ads served onto the websites which generate you the most cost effective awareness or sales.

At Barracuda, we can enhance your display campaign performance by leveraging the relationships we have with publishers direct. Cutting out the middle man, can reduce your costs and improve the position on the page in which your ads are served, which means you generate more awareness and higher sales.

What we can deliver


Outsourcing your display planning, buying and management to Barracuda ensures you get the best impact for your marketing spend. Your industry and product information, coupled with our experienced agency management will deliver lower media costs, lower costs per engagement and a higher ROI. Barracuda are recognised as Industry leaders in Digital Marketing. We setup and manage display media campaigns on your behalf. We are experienced in working with planning, buying and creative teams both agency and client side to create award winning campaigns.


Our consulting process starts with an evaluation of your business objectives, and if appropriate a review of your previous activity. Thereafter, we can present the plan for increasing awareness and sales across the display channel and how the increase in activity will impact across every traffic source and medium.


Training for your staff is baked into the Barracuda account management process. Barracuda are committed to delivering results in a transparent way, our open approach to the platforms, with access to all stakeholders within your business encourages interaction, provides re-assurance and simultaneously ensures we deliver the most up to date approaches for campaign management to our clients. Formal training in display platforms, approaches and methodology can be arranged upon request.

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