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Why use us for Paid Search?

  • The most experienced Google certified Paid Search specialists in Europe.
  • Collaborative and commercially aware account management.
  • Results oriented campaign setup & management.

What is Paid Search?

At the core of the paid search ad is, up to 60 characters of headline, and 80 characters of descriptive text that are wrapped around a display url.


The ads are displayed on the Search Engine Results Pages and appear against relevant searches. The mechanism for ad delivery is an auction based pricing model coupled with an algorithm focused on ‘quality score’. Paid search is primarily used by advertisers to make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for at the moment their customers need it.

But there’s a whole lot more to managing paid search ads than that. A good paid search ad incorporates as much relevant information as possible to get the end user to click on our clients’ ads. Paid search ads can and usually should be extended to incorporate:-

Additional Links below the core ad with descriptions of each landing page.

Your business or branch location information.

Links to the App Store or Google Play.

Reviews from trusted media sources.


Structured snippet extensions

Message extensions

Price Extensions

And your Telephone number.

Extending the ad ensures the end user can more easily interact with the ad and get the information they need to decide to click through to the clients’ website. Extended ads also take up a greater percentage of the real estate on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s), which means your ad is more likely to be clicked and your competitor’s ads are less likely to be noticed. If you aren’t taking advantage of extended ads, you really should be contacting us as a priority.

Your paid search ads are triggered by a search…


Managing which combination of words or terms that your ads appear against in the SERP’s is crucial to ensuring your ads continue to be shown. The campaign side metrics are important and looking to expand campaigns into the right search terms will help maintain or increase ad engagement rates as well as drive down the cost per click, saving you money.

What we can deliver


Barracuda are recognised as Industry leaders in Paid Search. We are the most experienced and longest qualified Google Premier Partners in Europe. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise which we apply to campaign management as well as benefiting from our Google partner status which means you can get on Google Beta’s and new programs, before they go on general release.


Our consulting process starts with an audit of your current campaign, usually alongside, a competitive market analysis that enables us to assess the opportunity available to you. We comb your campaign for opportunities and can provide a SWOT analysis that helps you move forward profitably, whilst expanding your market share.


We don’t just keep our knowledge top ourselves. As qualified and experienced practitioners in paid search we can also help you grow your own campaigns with training. Do you need a qualification in any of the Google exams? Study with us, and we can guarantee you a pass. Looking for advanced training? Barracuda can and will assist you in meeting specific campaign objectives that suit your business.

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