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Why use us for SEO?

  • Proven expertise. From professionals with years of agency experience
  • Value-driven. We know that rankings are not the end-goal. We will work to your actual business objectives.
  • Tailored approach. Whether you’re in the B2B market, an FMCG trying to reinforce your brand, or an e-commerce website trying to boost on-line purchases, we have an approach that will work for you.

What is SEO?

Organic search engine optimisation/marketing is the art and science behind getting your website to rank as well as possible for key terms that are important for your business. What those key terms are will depend on your objectives and goals.

Whether embarking on your first campaign or evaluating your current approach, it can be a daunting prospect being in the hot seat vis a vis your organic SEM strategy.

Typically, people often think of SEM/SEO as a deeply technical discipline, peppered with jargon and techniques that are inaccessible to anyone without a degree in computer science. In fact, the underlying principals and the key areas of activity required are relatively simple to grasp; they just need to be unpacked.

The organic search channel (e.g. non-paid Google traffic) should be a website’s most cost effective and abundant method of acquiring website visits. Typically, we see 60 to 80% of a given website’s traffic acquired via organic search (if they’re doing it right!).

Doing well with organic search boils down to being good at three core areas of activity:

1. On-Site Technical

This is where we make sure your website can be accessed by the search engines. They need to be able to find, ‘read’ and understand your website. There are also various technical aspects of your website (for instance, ‘site speed’) that directly affect your website’s ability to rank in search engines like Google. So we make sure that’s all in order as well.

2. Keyword Targeting & On-Site Content

The search engines not only need to see which keywords you are targeting, but they want to see evidence of relevance and usefulness. These days, search engines are good at understanding how good a website’s content is at satisfying your visitors’ needs and intentions, and knowing if your visitors are completing tasks on your website.

3. Authority (Link) Building

A website that takes advantage of organic search is one that ranks well, and typically ranks well in Google, the dominant search engine in much of the western world. That means ranking well for important key terms.

At its core, Google still processes website rankings based on a type of democracy; how many other websites say you’re good at what you do by way of linking to your website from theirs? Yes, there are a lot of other things going on in Google’s algorithms for rankings, but this is still at the centre of it all. To rank well, you need links from external websites. It is as simple as that. Any on-going SEO campaign MUST have link building built in to the plan

A final thought on these three areas; you are only as strong as your weakest part. An effective SEO strategy NEEDS to encompass all 3 areas.

Search Metrics Partner

All SEO work that we deliver is supported by our use of Search Metrics. Search Metrics is a best in class, German engineered, enterprise level, international SEO platform that encompasses a whole suite of advanced SEO tools.

We ensure that we use best in class technology, and that our people are highly trained in how to use it.

In addition, we are also a qualified Search Metrics partner.

Why use us for SEO?


Barracuda are recognised as Industry leaders in SEO and we are a Search Metrics qualified partner. Our clients benefit from our knowledge and expertise which we apply to organic campaign management. From initial discovery auditing and liaising with your development team, through to delivering link equity, we can manage all aspects of your organic campaign.


We have a comprehensive system and set of processes for analysing and auditing your organic search performance. This can range from technically auditing your website, assessing your keyword universe, and examining your competitors, through to creating full content strategies. We can look at specific areas of your organic performance, or review your whole strategy. In any scenario, we will work with you to create a framework for positive change.


We don’t just keep our knowledge to ourselves. As qualified and experienced practitioners in organic search, we can also help you grow your own capabilities via knowledge transfer. From training your PR team to leverage the SEO value from the work they’re doing, to giving your digital marketing team organic awareness, we can help enrich your business with expertise.

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