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Panguin Tool - European Search Awards 2018 - Shortlisted Finalist - Barracuda Digital

A free SEO tool to help you investigate whether you’ve been impacted by Google’s algorithm updates.Technology brought to you by digital marketing agency, Barracuda Digital.

Google Organic Sessions - FREE
Google Organic Sessions - FREE
Google Algorithm Data - FREE
Google Organic Sessions - FREE
Google Algorithm Data - FREE
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PLEASE NOTE: we do not see, collect, hold, or in any way interfere with your Google Analytics data.
The whole process is completed using OAuth 2.0 - safe and secure!

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Panguin Timeline:Google update history

From marauding pirate pandas and their pigeon pals to caffeinated penguins named Fred. If it’s a Google update you want to find out about, then we have the full Google algorithm change history right here, along with individual timelines for all the major algo update categories.

Google Updates



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